Struct ModelState

Struct Documentation

struct ModelState

Exchange format to store and transfer the state of the model at a specific timepoint.

This is designed to only encompass the minimal number of attributes that need to be transferred.

Public Members

std::vector<realtype> h

Flag indicating whether a certain Heaviside function should be active or not (dimension: ne)

std::vector<realtype> total_cl

Total abundances for conservation laws (dimension: nx_rdata - nx_solver)

std::vector<realtype> stotal_cl

Sensitivities of total abundances for conservation laws (dimension: (nx_rdata-nx_solver) x np, row-major)

std::vector<realtype> unscaledParameters

Unscaled parameters (dimension: np)

std::vector<realtype> fixedParameters

Constants (dimension: nk)

std::vector<int> plist

Indexes of parameters wrt to which sensitivities are computed (dimension: nplist)

std::vector<realtype> spl_

temporary storage for spline values