Function amici::amici_dgemv

Function Documentation

void amici::amici_dgemv(BLASLayout layout, BLASTranspose TransA, int M, int N, double alpha, const double *A, int lda, const double *X, int incX, double beta, double *Y, int incY)

amici_dgemm provides an interface to the CBlas matrix vector multiplication routine dgemv. This routines computes y = alpha*A*x + beta*y with A: [MxN] x:[Nx1] y:[Mx1]

  • layout: always needs to be AMICI_BLAS_ColMajor.

  • TransA: flag indicating whether A should be transposed before multiplication

  • M: number of rows in A

  • N: number of columns in A

  • alpha: coefficient alpha

  • A: matrix A

  • lda: leading dimension of A (m or n)

  • X: vector X

  • incX: increment for entries of X

  • beta: coefficient beta

  • Y: vector Y

  • incY: increment for entries of Y