Class AmiException

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public std::exception

Derived Types

Class Documentation

class amici::AmiException : public std::exception

AMICI exception class.

Has a printf style interface to allow easy generation of error messages

Subclassed by amici::CvodeException, amici::IDAException, amici::IntegrationFailure, amici::IntegrationFailureB, amici::NewtonFailure, amici::SetupFailure

Public Functions

AmiException(char const *fmt, ...)

Constructor with printf style interface.

  • fmt: error message with printf format

  • ...: printf formatting variables

const char *what() const noexcept override

Override of default error message function.


msg error message

const char *getBacktrace() const

Returns the stored backtrace.


trace backtrace

void storeBacktrace(int nMaxFrames)

Stores the current backtrace.

  • nMaxFrames: number of frames to go back in stacktrace