Template Function amici::writeMatlabField4

Function Documentation

template<typename T>
void amici::writeMatlabField4(mxArray *matlabStruct, const char *fieldName, std::vector<T> const &fieldData, int dim0, int dim1, int dim2, int dim3, std::vector<int> perm)

initialize 4D tensor, attach to the field and write data

  • matlabStruct: Pointer to the matlab structure

  • fieldName: Name of the field to which the tensor will be attached

  • fieldData: Data which will be stored in the field

  • dim0: number of rows in the tensor

  • dim1: number of columns in the tensor

  • dim2: number of elements in the third dimension of the tensor

  • dim3: number of elements in the fourth dimension of the tensor

  • perm: reordering of dimensions