Q: My model fails to build.

A: Remove the corresponding model directory located in AMICI/models/yourmodelname and compile again.

Q: It still does not compile.

A: Remove the directory AMICI/models/mexext and compile again.

Q: It still does not compile.

A: Make an issue and we will have a look.

Q: My Python-generated model does not compile from MATLAB.

A: Try building any of the available examples before. If this succeeds, retry building the original model. Some dependencies might not be built correctly when using only the compileMexFile.m script.

Q: I get an out of memory error while compiling my model on a Windows machine.

A: This may be due to an old compiler version. See issue #161 for instructions on how to install a new compiler.

Q: How are events interpreted in a DAE context?

A: Currently we only support impulse free events. Also sensitivities have never been tested. Proceed with care and create an issue if any problems arise!

Q: The simulation/sensitivities I get are incorrect.

A: There are some known issues, especially with adjoint sensitivities, events and DAEs. If your particular problem is not featured in the issues list, please add it!