Source code for amici.bngl_import

BNGL Import
This module provides all necessary functionality to import a model specified
in the :term:`BNGL` format.

from pysb.importers.bngl import model_from_bngl

from .pysb_import import pysb2amici

[docs]def bngl2amici(bngl_model: str, *args, **kwargs) -> None: r""" Generate AMICI C++ files for the provided model. :param bngl_model: bngl model file, model name will determine the name of the generated module :param args: see :func:`amici.pysb_import.pysb2amici` for additional arguments :param kwargs: see :func:`amici.pysb_import.pysb2amici` for additional arguments """ if "model" in kwargs: raise ValueError("model argument not allowed") pysb_model = model_from_bngl(bngl_model) pysb2amici(pysb_model, *args, **kwargs)